Tinkerbelle attends #COACHPUPS Brunch hosted by Ariana Grande's dog TOULHOUSE!

Tinkerbelle was so excited to wake up bright and early this Tuesday Morning to brunch with superstar Toulhouse Grande (Ariana Grande's Dog). Toulhouse was kind enough to include Tinkerbelle on the EXCLUSIVE INVITE LIST to his #COACHPUPS Brunch at The James Hotel in SOHO, NYC.  


Upon arrival, it was Love at First Sight for Tinkerbelle & Toulhouse, they chatted about fashion, traveling and the new #coachpups APP.


Then Tinkerbelle got to meet the one and only Joan Grande (Ariana's Mother)!! She was the sweetest and they had some serious cuddle time.

Then it was to the "GRASS" carpet (step and repeat) for some model poses.  This was the "Look up at the sky" shot.


Tinkerbelle also posed with other celebpups like ToastMeetsWorld ....


All in all, Tinkerbelle had a blast and hopes everyone checks out #COACHPUPS via the APP or online at COACH.com