ViaGen Pets Ambassador

Woof woof! Have you heard of Genetic Preservation? A genetic preservation is the first step in the cloning process, allowing you to produce an identical genetic twin, which will be born at a later place in time. My human has decided to store my DNA with ViaGen Pets, making me an official ViaGen Pets Ambassador!

Come along with me as I go through my journey to preserve my DNA!


The first thing you must do to start the Genetic Preservation process is order your Genetic Preservation kit through . Then you schedule an appointment for the procedure with a qualified Veterinarian. ViaGen provides a helpful list to find a Veterinarian in your local area that will perform the procedure.


Once the Genetic preservation kit arrives, make sure you have enough room in your freezer for the required portions that need to be kept cold.


The day of procedure, my appointment was early in the morning. I took the train into NYC.

I went to Dr. DiPolo at Worth Street Veterinary Center , NYC. I got there with my human and we checked in!

I was then escorted to the examining room.  My human was most concerned with my safety, and also (since I am a model ) scarring. Dr. DiPolo said the procedure would be quick, assured there wouldn’t be any problem and showed exactly where he would make the small incision.

He chose my inner right thigh. He took me to the procedure room and a half hour later I was back in my human's arms. I had 2 small stitches. You would have never known I even had a procedure done. I was running around the lobby of the Vet greeting the nurses, while my human took care of the DNA Samples.

Dr. DiPolo packed up and gave the DNA samples to my human. My human then had to pack them up in the ViaGen Box. Then they called FedEx to pick up the package, the day of, from the Vet’s office. 

Then, I was free to go and was told I would be fine without a cone but if I started to pick at my stitches, I would need one.

On the train ride home, I was fine and didn’t have any discomfort.

Of course being the nosy dog I am, I started examining the stitches area myself, and my human thought it best to put a collar on so I wouldn’t cause any trouble or infections. 


A day later after sending out my DNA via FedEx, I received a confirmation phone call assuring the receipt of my DNA, and that they were beginning the process of storing it for Genetic Preservation.


I was a quick healer and I ended up getting my stitches removed by my primary Veterinarian.

My human kept a collar on for a few more days just to make sure it was completely healed! 



I was cleared to take off the collar and take a bath! The procedure location is barely noticeable.


The procedure was extremely simple and the process was not invasive at all. ViaGen was able to get 2.8 million cells preserved for me! My human was very impressed with the efficiency of ViaGen Pets and is glad to know there is an option for another "Tinkerbelle" if they so choose.

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