Whew! 2018 has been a busy year! The life of a world traveling diva pup is a very busy one, and sometimes I get a bit tuckered out. My human and I needed to completely relax and go “off the grid” for a while, so we could recharge our batteries. So, we escaped to the Getaway House.

Getaway House is a very cool company that rents out tiny cabins in the woods outside of New York (and Boston and Washington D.C. too.) The exact location of the cabin is a secret until you book your stay, so you can be sure your hidden retreat will be private and secluded.


So, we booked our mysterious private cabin and set off deep into the dense, quiet woodland of Catskill, New York. After about two hours of driving, we had left the city behind and we could hear the chirping of the birds and the rustling of branches in the breeze. I could smell a tinge of woodsmoke in the crisp, cold December air.

Tinkerbelle relaxing and reading the getaway house signature book - “how to get away”

Tinkerbelle relaxing and reading the getaway house signature book - “how to get away”

Now, this is what you call “glamping” - the perfect level of “roughing it” for a glamorous pup like me! The cabins are compact and simple, but they are quite elegant and luxurious. They have a minimalist wood interior (very Scandinavian!) and are equipped with everything you need, including snacks, firewood and cooking supplies. After all, I do love being in the forest, but it’s nice to have a big fluffy Queen bed and a hot shower! There was also a “BarkBox” waiting for me with some special treats. I love it when hotels, resorts and accommodations take the time to provide something sweet for their canine guests like me!


These tiny homes are spread across 20 acres, so we knew we had neighbors but we were far enough away from them that we still had plenty of peace and quiet. Speaking of peace and quiet, the Getaway House gives you a “Cellphone Lockbox” where you can keep your phone, so you won’t be tempted by notifications while you are connecting with nature. I love Instagram and I missed chatting with my lovely followers at first - but after a while I slowed down, took some deep breaths and really paid attention to the moment.


There was just something so peaceful and beautiful about being in the forest. There were so many wonderful sights and smells to discover on our walks. I sniffed the crisp scent of the beech, maple and oak trees. I watched the squirrels skittering through the treetops. I kept warm by the fire while my human made s’mores. Oh, and I spent plenty of time snoozing on that big, comfy bed.

Tinkerbelle waking up to the beautiful view of the Catskills.

Tinkerbelle waking up to the beautiful view of the Catskills.

There’s a large window in the cabin, so you wake up to a view of tranquil green forest every morning - an experience I could get used to! I loved the quiet nights, the fresh, clean air and the slow pace. When it came time for my human and I to leave, we both felt refreshed, calm and at peace.

What a wonderful way to recharge!


Tinkerbelle the Dog “Traveling Tink”