It’s no secret - I’m a huge fan of Florida! The sunshine, the palm trees, the luxurious pools, the lovely green parks, the warm humid air. My human and I are always delighted to spend time in this part of the worldWe’ve both been working hard lately and we’ve been busy with tons of exciting events, so a relaxing trip to Florida was just what we needed. Thanks to my friends at #ExperienceKissimmee - I got to experience a new and dream location. A hidden gem!  

We stayed at the Bohemian Hotel Celebration, a boutique escape close to all the theme parks  - with classic Floridian style decor featuring oak headboards and gold light fixtures. The hotel welcomes one dog up to 40 lbs for an additional fee of $150, or two dogs for an additional fee of $200 per stay. (Cats and other animals are not allowed!)

As soon as my human and I strolled into the light-filled lobby, with stylish art on the walls, my ears perked up with excitement. I knew we had arrived somewhere special. Although it’s a modern hotel, it has a quaintness to it that makes it feel elegant and timeless. Plus, the staff are very pet friendly - I got lots of smiles, cuddles and treats during my stay and I really felt so welcome there! I was greeted with my own sign on the door and some special treats just for me. (They even treated my human to a great bottle of wine.)

I sure love it when a hotel goes above and beyond to make me feel like a VIP! I loved relaxing and admiring the views from the amazing pet friendly balcony. There’s nothing quite like having my own private terrace! I loved sitting out there on a warm day and watching the sun sparkling on the water.

At the Bohemian Hotel Celebration, my human and I started our day with a gorgeous breakfast in bed - a great way to wake up. Or, sometimes we would head down to have breakfast in the dining room with the incredible gold chandelier - I loved the scrumptious, fluffy waffles!


(I was a little surprised to see a giant gator on the wall! But don’t worry, apparently it doesn’t bite…)

Then, I put my cool pink shades on and sauntered out to the swimming pool. It might be November, but the sun is still shining and the temperature was just right - not too hot but not too cold. The pool has a lovely sundeck overlooking a tranquil lake. I could have spent the entire day lounging there, but there was so much more to explore in Celebration!

The town of Celebration is only a short walk away. It was designed to resemble a classic historic American small town, with peaceful tree-lined streets and civic buildings designed by world-famous architects. Even though it was designed in the 90s, it feels like a historic town and it is filled with turn-of-the-century charm.

This unique town was built by the Walt Disney Company in the 1990s and it certainly has the Disney flair, with quaint picket fences, beautifully manicured lawns and lovely green parks with ping pong tables and rocking chairs. (It was once named one of America’s 10 Prettiest Towns.)

Tinkerbelle the Dog visits the Bohemian Hotel in Celebration, Florida in partnership with Experience Kissimmee #mykissimmee #travelingtink

Celebration is wonderfully dog friendly. There were many parks where I could run, sniff and play! There’s a beautiful walking and biking trail that takes you along the scenic boardwalk - a great way to explore the city. If you’re looking for a place where you can take plenty of scenic walks with your human and sniff lots of flowers and fresh, green grass - you’ll love Celebration.

One of the things I loved about our stay here was how many great pet friendly al fresco dining restaurants there were. My human got to enjoy plenty of delicious meals with me by her side, soaking up the atmosphere and people watching. (People really are such interesting creatures, don’t you think?)

Speaking of atmosphere, I loved that the Bohemian Hotel Celebration has a lakeside terrace that features live music. There’s nothing quite like listening to live jazz or blues on a warm Florida evening, as the sound echoes off the sparkling lake. This place really knows how to set the vibe.


And you know what else was special about our stay here? I got to be on Good Day Orlando on Fox 35 News! I was ready for my closeup with my chic striped black and white bow and this little diva pup certainly had a blast!


After a big day of exploring in Celebration, my little paws were tired from all the walking and I was happy to get back to Bohemian Hotel and relax. Every time my human and I entered the hotel, we were greeted with big happy smiles and lots of cuddles. You can really tell that the staff here love dogs and treat them very well.

The room is pretty luxurious, with a large comfy bed and a big bathtub - so my human and I had plenty of room to stretch out and rest. I put my plush doggie robe to good use, which made me feel like quite a pampered pooch!

I was a bit sad when I had to say goodbye to the Bohemian Hotel Celebration. When you feel so comfortable and at home in a friendly, welcoming hotel like this one, it can be hard to leave. I got a few more cuddles from the staff, then my human and I waved goodbye to Celebration. I’m sure I’ll be back though! Whenever you find a great place like this one, I believe it’s absolutely something to celebrate!


- Tinkerbelle the Dog “#TravelingTink”