#TravelingTink x Aloft Louisville Downtown

          I was in the mood for some Southern Hospitality so I decided it was time to go to Louisville, Kentucky with my human to the cool, dog friendly, Aloft Hotel Louisville Downtown. Located directly on Louisville's historic Whiskey Row and blocks from NuLu, Aloft Louisville Downtown is the perfect spot for us to relax and explore the best of this city.



The hotel was really easy and quick to get to from the airport, which is good as I get too excited to be staying in the car for too long! As we walked into the hotel lobby, there were luggage trolleys readily available for my human to put her heavy suitcase on so she can save her strength for carrying me instead. I also hitched a ride on the trolley to rest my paws in preparation for all the walking and sightseeing around Louisville Downtown! 





Everyone at reception were super friendly and gave me lots of attention as they showed me and my human to our hotel room. Our room was just beautiful. Clean, bright and enough room for me to run around! I was very impressed by the big plush bed provided for my human and looked forward to snuggles with her on that before bedtime.



I was even more pleased to see that I had received a signature Arf dog bowl, blanket and a soft, comfy bed courtesy of the Aloft Arf Pet Program but what got me really excited was the PAWPS dog popsicle treats, made right here in Louisville, which I gobbled up in seconds! They were so delicious!





After a long day of traveling, my human and I freshened up in the chic, modern bathroom which had a refreshing hot shower and plenty of outlets for me to use the hairdryer that also was available to us in the room.





- After freshening up and dressing up, my human refueled her energy at the restaurant located in Aloft Hotel. It was called Corner and made tasty meals and snacks for humans as well as fun cocktails and the signature Mint Julep to be enjoyed while relaxing on the outdoor patio. Here’s a picture of me posing with the cocktail. It smelt so delicious and fresh, my human had to keep me from taking a sip! 


  Now, it was time to explore! We put on our pretty pink pumps and headed out to the city! Louisville Downtown is most famous for is Louisville Slugger Museum which is home to the world’s largest baseball bat! My human broke the news that dogs were not allowed inside the museum which made me a little upset but I could understand as us furry creatures can get a little bit too excited sometimes! Even though I wasn’t allowed inside, I still managed to get a cute picture with the baseball bat and we didn’t even have to walk that far from the hotel to get here! We also explored the surrounding area which offers lots of photo opportunities. I’m so glad my human chose my favorite coat for me to wear that day. 





 Also, don’t miss the opportunity to pose with the famous Barbaro Statue in Churchill Downs! This is a must for your Louisville bucket list! The hotel was so well located, we didn’t have to walk very far to see all the iconic sights which meant we had spare time to walk and exercise together by the Ohio river which is also really scenic and excellent for photos! We were never short of something to see and do here. My human was very happy to see that there were plenty of fun bars, restaurants, outdoor dining, and theaters around the city area.


After our busy day sightseeing and exploring, it was time to relax and enjoy our hotel room. I’m a very busy pup these days with all my fan mail to read and answer, so I spent a few hours basking in the warmth by the big hotel window overlooking the city to inspire me and my writing. As the sun set on our busy, productive day, I had my routine snuggles with my human before passing out on my luxury, plush bed.



I woke up fairly early feeling blissful and content as I went to wake my human with morning kisses as my human sipped on Refuel coffee and nibbled on Refuel bowls which are freshly made to order on the go breakfast for busy humans like mine. They were extremely tasty – according to my human who savoured every bite making me quite jealous that I couldn’t try it. 



Before checking out, my human tried more tasty food and exotic drinks in and around the hotel while socializing with like-minded travelers and furry pup friends. Of course, I received more love and attention from the staff and visitors at the hotel and many compliments on my beautiful red dress my human carefully picked out for me. Overall, we had a fantastic time staying at Aloft Hotel Louisville Downtown and exploring Louisville. If you're traveling with your human, I would definitely recommend staying here!

Oh and BTW,  Here’s a picture of me looking way too cute and trying very hard not to munch on these fresh mint leaves...